Inventory Management

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Inventory Management

The Inventory Management provides seamless integration of logistics operations with Accounts module besides giving up-to-date stock information on the fly

The Master data are shared across these modules to avoid duplication of efforts in maintaining data as well as prevents any data inconsistencies.Pothera ERP enables the organizations to ccurately manage inbound and outbound shipments, item master information as well as price lists with complete analysis

Real time inventory tracking with item Location.

Multiple Store maintain

Item tracking in multiple stores

Attributes wise Inventory Analysis

Expiry Date, Manufacturing Date,Date of Purchase

Shelf Life Management

Stock Ageing

RGP / NRGP Process

In-depth feature of Landing Cost Calculation

Stock Transfer from one location to another location

Physical Stock Verification

Transparent inventory control and distribution

Complete details of inbound and outbound items

Real time analysis of fast moving

ABC Analysis

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