Production & Planning

Production & Planning Management

Production management module helps you in production plan, track and manage efficiently the whole production sphere of your business.

Manufacturing companies need to plan and control their production process to meet customer demand and achieve their objectives. Production planning is a critical function for any manufacturing company, but it can be challenging to do effectivelywithouttherightintegratedsystems.

Pothera ERP helps production planners or buyers schedule and manage items for production or purchasing based on a variety of criteria. It helps to plan and control the complete manufacturing process, from product design through production and delivery to customers.

Facility Substitute Item,Scrap Item and Production Loss

Other direct overheads can define for each BoM.

Provision of Batch No. & Serial Number

Lot Traceability

Order wise Production progress

Re-packing and Re-processing

Production Analysis: Machine wise – Shift wise – Operator wise

Manage multilevel bills of materials (BOMs)

Process wise Quality Assessment feature

User definable production stages

Generate reports with timely data and display

Covered all scenarios – (Make to Order),(Make to Stock) and mixed.

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