Pothera ERP Features

Pothera ERP is designed for small and midsized companies to grow with you, it is flexible, modular, yet powerful and with its user-friendly interface, it is simple to use.

Cost Effective Solution

Get the best ERP software without making a dent in your business budget with low total cost of ownership

Fully Integrated

Your all-in-one dashboard for your all departments

Quick And Easy Implementation

Rapid deployment (8-12 weeks) at scale (10-100 users) across a hybrid workforce

Customized Modules

Easily customizable functions and reports. Easy integration with your existing system

Integrated Business Intelligence

Powerful enough to help your business grow


Quality Management

Guarantees consistency in manufacturing standards at all times.

Multi-currency Support

To handle imports and exports.

Automated E-Invoicing API integration

Guarantees consistency in manufacturing standards at all times.

Connect multiple plants and companies

Spread across geographies.

QR Code & Digital Signature (API Integration)

Sign digitally and create QR codes.

Sub Contracting

Handle common industrial challenges of sub this feature

UDF (User Define Field)

as per client requirement.

E-mail and WhatsApp Integration

Send notifications, alerts, and updates by E-mail and WhatsApp.

Powerful and granular authorization

Gives you field level control for processing transactions.

Fully Paperless System

With Multi Level Approvals.

Integrated business intelligence

Preconfigured Enterprise Application

For the Rapid deployment.

Flexible and easily scalable

To support your entire business and to manage changing business scenarios.

Document Attachment in multiple format

(Pdf, Excel, Doc, Jpeg, PNG).

One Stop IT Solutions

Mobile App Development | Web Development | Cyber Security Services.


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Unlocking Operational Efficiency with Pothera ERP's Comprehensive Features