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Revolutionize Your Distribution Business with Pothera ERP

Distributors face several critical challenges when running their business processes. These challenges can vary depending on the industry, market dynamics, and the distributor's specific circumstances. Addressing these challenges requires a strategic approach, proactive management, and continuous innovation. Distributors need to leverage technology, streamline processes, build strong partnerships, and focus on delivering value to customers to remain competitive in today's dynamic business environment.

Pothera ERP plays a crucial role in helping wholesalers and distributors streamline their operations by providing a centralized platform for managing various aspects of their business. Whether you're managing inventory, optimizing order fulfillment, tracking shipments, or nurturing customer relationships, Pothera  ERP’s comprehensive suite offers a seamless solution to propel your business forward.

Whether you're a large-scale wholesaler or a small-sized distributor, Pothera ERP guarantees smooth integration into your current workflows, allowing you to oversee every aspect of your business efficiently and can optimize processes, mitigate risks, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Major Challenges in Today’s Distribution Business

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  • Low Margin Business

    Today’s wholesale distribution market has cut-throat competition. Various processes and associates are an integral part of the operations. There is a cost involved in every process. So, even minor mistakes can hurt your business badly. You could maximize your profitability and be successful only when you streamline operations, optimize inventory levels, and minimize inaccuracies.

  • Inefficiency Caused by Fragmented Information

    Many distributors start their business using basic accounting software and familiar tools like spreadsheets. As they grow, they may add additional applications for tasks like inventory, warehouse management, and even e-commerce. However, these new tools often operate in silos or integrate poorly with the existing accounting system. This fragmented approach leads to segmented information, redundant data entry, and a frustrating lack of real-time visibility into your operations. Now, mistakes have become inevitable, and it’s challenging to track inventory levels, and your valuable time is wasted.

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  • Inefficient Inventory Management

    For a wholesaler or a distributor, inventory is the core of their business. It is the most important asset in any distribution business. You must have a clear picture of safety stock levels, reorder points, cycle counts, and demand projections in real-time.

  • Lack of Financial Visibility

    Manually handled accounting and bookkeeping processes offers limited access to financial details and can result in the formation of data silos and duplication.

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  • Lack of Quality Traceability

    Certain distribution businesses like pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and food and beverages demand rigorous adherence to regulatory standards. Without product traceability quality can’t be assured. Implementing product serialization, a key requirement for product tracing could be a complex task.

  • Lack of Seamless Communication

    Perfect integration across the business, seamless information flow between departments, and inventory updates are the prime necessities to stay ahead of the competition and maximize profit. Equally crucial is the availability of robust reporting tools that offer insights into the performance report of your business, anytime you need it.

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  • Demands of Faster Delivery

    With the e-commerce boom, customers expect faster deliveries. Shortfall in any of the distribution and logistics operations lead to disruptions and delays.

Pothera ERP: Bridging End-To-End Business Functions With Ease

Pothera ERP generates precise inventory forecasts, taking the guesswork out of stocking decisions. With its robust tracking capabilities, you always have a clear picture of your stock’s precise location and movements. And for complete inventory visibility, Pothera ERP offers reliable, real-time insights into inbound and outbound inventory shipments, keeping you informed and agile in managing your supply chain.

Key Benefits

Achieve real-time visibility across the business and bring transparency.

Reduce costs using precise demand forecasts to optimize inventory and other resources.

Pick and ship quickly by knowing the exact location of items in the warehouse(s).

Optimize complete supply chain process.

Become a customer-centric organization.

Streamline and unify quality and distribution processes for better control and traceability.

Increase sales using a fast configure-to-quote process.

Ensure on-time deliveries and enhanced customer service with shorter lead times.

Scale operations with increased productivity and improved business intelligence.

Key Features of Pothera ERP for Distribution Business

Key Features of Pothera ERP for Distribution Business

Pre-Sales CRM Automation

Accounts and Financial Management

Sales & Distribution Management

Post Sales CRM

Inventory Management and Optimization

Sales Order Processing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Financial Management and Accounting

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Procurement and MRP Management

Job Work/Sub-contract Management

Quality Management

HR and Payroll Management

POS - Point Of Sales

Admin and Security

Integration and Scalability

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