ERP for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies

Pothera ERP is a complete and customizable ERP solution primarily designed for small and mid-size enterprises looking for a cost effective solution which can enable them to quickly move away from current manual processes to a fully integrated business solution.

From purchasing, inventory, production and quality management, accounting and financials, sales and customer relationships to operations and human resources, it helps you to streamline complete process and gives you a greater insight into your business, so that you can act fast and make decisions based on real time information, to help you drive profitable growth.



ERP Software Development Company Pothera ERP Software Development Services Are Designed For Small And Midsized Companies To Grow With You, It Is Flexible And Modular, Yet Powerful, And With Its User-Friendly Interface, It Is Simple To Use.

Pothera ERP is the one that suits your needs.For your business today and tomorrow and the future.

Whether you want to deploy your Pothera ERP in cloud or in the office locally, we have a deployment solution to suit all our customers’ needs.



It offers scalability, agility, and good accessibility and saves your money and time while deployed “ service” in the cloud.



It offers complete control,management, and ownership of the system.

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Quality Management

Guarantees consistency in manufacturing standards at all times.

Multi-currency Support

To handle imports and exports.

Automated E-Invoicing API integration

Guarantees consistency in manufacturing standards at all times.

Connect multiple plants and companies

Spread across geographies.

QR Code & Digital Signature (API Integration)

Sign digitally and create QR codes.

Sub Contracting

Handle common industrial challenges of sub this feature

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