Purchase & MRP

Purchase & MRP Management

Purchase Management module streamlines procurement of required raw materials, packaging material, sub assembly and other administrative & maintenance items. It provides your business with the complete system that it needs to handle its entire procurement process, including orders, receipts, invoices, and payments and whole

Pothera ERP generates automatic Purchase Indent through Product forecast, Inventory level and stock-in-hand.

  • Automatic Indents based on MRS and Reorder Level.
  • Auto Purchase Requisitions
  • Robust Quotation comparison process to enable quick decision making
  • Local/Import Purchase Order
  • PO amendments with complete amendment history
  • Various Levels of Authorisation for all purchase documents
  • Supplier & Item mapping for price & slab wise discount
  • Goods Receipts Against PO
  • Direct Materials Receipts
  • Purchase Invoices
  • FOC Material
  • Receipts Import
  • Landed Costing
  • Capture Batch/Lot Number
  • Capture Manufacturing & Expiry Date
  • Link purchasing documents and view document trails for audit purposes
  • Integrated with Finance and Inventory Modules
  • Generate reports with real-time data and display them in various report formats or dashboards

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